Exterior Trim and Siding Repair & Replacement Services

    Curb Appeal with Confidence: Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior, Upgrade Your Comfort

    We offer premium replacement solutions for exterior trim and siding, enhancing your home's visual appeal while improving functionality and energy efficiency. These upgrades are more than just a pretty face; they translate to increased comfort, reduced maintenance, and a home that truly reflects your style. 

    Homeowners experience different levels of need when it comes to exterior maintenance. From partial upgrades to where the siding is damaged or heavily worn to full replacement when needed and everything in between. Having skilled craftsmen review your home and provide expert advice to know if a partial solution will do or if a full replacement is needed. You can trust the advice from our experts.

    Masterpiece Projects, Worry-Free Process: Experience the Mitchell Difference

    Imagine pulling into your driveway, filled with pride at seeing your newly transformed home. Our team can turn your vision into reality, crafting masterpiece projects with a worry-free process. 

    Backed by decades of experience building custom homes and handling major remodels, we understand how to elevate your home's exterior, boosting its curb appeal and your overall quality of life. 

    Why Work with Mitchell Exteriors & Maintenance?

    • Master Builders, Master Renovators: With 30+ years crafting dream homes, we bring unmatched expertise to your home’s exterior facelift. We will know every inch of your home, from intricate historical details to modern marvels. Trust our knowledge and skill for a flawless transformation.
    • Your Insider Network: Forget the hunt for reliable partners. We've built deep relationships with top suppliers, subcontractors, and industry experts. Enjoy competitive prices, premium materials, and the confidence of having the best in your corner.
    • Craftsmanship that Elevates: We don't just fix; we transform. The same meticulous artisans who build our custom homes will meticulously revamp your exterior. Expect long-lasting results that not only solve problems but also add lasting beauty and value to your home.
    • Time & Money Saved: Experience pays off. Having managed thousands of projects, we navigate timelines and budgets like pros. We anticipate challenges, minimize disruptions, and deliver exceptional results, saving you both time and money.
    • Built to Code, Built to Last: Decades of experience make us experts in local building codes and regulations. Rest assured, your exterior upgrades and maintenance will not only look stunning but also meet all necessary standards, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
    • Beyond Repairs, Beyond Ordinary: Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. We're custom home builders, and we translate that experience into bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate with your home's unique style and needs. Whether it's a subtle enhancement or a complete makeover, we create a masterpiece that's uniquely yours.

    What our customers say

    Their interest was what our interest was. It wasn’t about them, it was about us and what we wanted. I felt like I was talking to a friend and that they were being completely honest.
    Ruth Gorman, Sherborn, MA
    The best thing about this entire experience was the stellar team that Mitchell provided… All of those individuals who took care of me and my family, that’s what made this whole experience wonderful.
    Somer Buchanan, Walpole, MA
    Mitchell Construction Group did a fantastic job on our whole house renovation.  The results are stunning, and they delivered on time despite the numerous challenges that the house threw at them.  They are professionals to the core and we felt in good hands all the way through the eight month project.  They know their stuff and are worth every penny.
    Sarah Cabot, Wayland, MA
    Excellent customer service, extremely professional. Attention to detail bar none. On time and on or sometimes under budget.  Projects are well planned so work goes along quickly and little time is wasted by delays. Mitchell goes above and beyond for their customers.  I am a repeat customer and have the utmost trust in the personnel and the quality of the work.
    Mary Jean Moriarty, Dover, MA
    We hired Mitchell Construction Group to re-side and replace the windows on our antique home.  They did a truly wonderful job and delivered exactly as promised.  All of Mitchell's crew and their subs were great at what they did and very easy to work with.   We were more than pleased with the results, the timeliness and the ease of working with this team.
    Barth Baker, Natick, MA

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