Our disciplined approach to design/build construction has enabled us to develop a highly successful, proven, 5-phase process that generates accurate pricing and reliable project schedules. Each phase yields results that keep the project moving forward in a reliable and predictable manner.

    Here’s how it works: once we establish a home renovation engagement with you, we start gathering information to gain a better understanding of exactly what you’d like done and determine if any regulatory issues might influence your project. We then use that information to develop design options to review with you and revise as needed. Once an option is chosen, detailed plans are produced that are also reviewed.

    When plans are approved, construction is thoroughly planned out and documented. It’s important to note that our project team reviews the plans at each phase to ensure that no barriers prevent your project from moving forward.

    1. Preliminary Planning (Duration: eight to ten weeks)

    The first phase of your renovation project begins with:

    • Answering a client questionnaire so we can understand your needs, wants, and wishes for your project
    • Our design team taking initial measurements and photos and setting up a Houzz or Pinterest account for you to begin collaborating
    • Reviewing all zoning and permitting requirements for the renovation

    Our process is different from other home renovation companies because once we develop a detailed preliminary plan for your project it includes an accurate price for the project. When we meet with you, we review the primary plan with alternatives which helps you select which of these options is best for you and your family and aligns with your budget. These preliminary plans are far more detailed than those we have seen from other remodeling company.

    Design development begins once you decide which plan best addresses your needs, wants, and wishes while staying within your budget.

    The deliverables from the preliminary design phase are:

    • detailed preliminary plans
    • detailed scope of work
    • rough time frame for project completion

    2. Design Development (Duration: four to six weeks)

    The second phase of your renovation project begins with:

    Consolidating the alternatives you reviewed during preliminary planning and converting them into a single updated plan. What was once preliminary now becomes detailed. This enables the team to refine the scope of work so that every item is accounted for, minimizing the chance for errors and unpleasant surprises.

    In this phase, the final design is detailed down to individual elements such as which hardware will be installed on which cabinets with the goal to have everything approved, signed off, and purchased prior to detailed scheduling of the construction project.

    The rough project time frame for the project is converted into an accurate project schedule showing project start and end dates as well as daily activities,.

    The deliverables from the design development phase are:

    • the complete set of detailed plans
    • the schedule to implement them

    3. Construction Documents (Duration: two weeks)

    The construction documents created in this phase are:

    • A construction contract which includes the detailed scope of work and pricing schedule - this document is a fixed price contract for you
    • A detailed daily schedule for the project
    • Permit sets for the town which are submitted for approval
    • Insurance documents submitted to the town and you, the homeowner
    • A complete set of detailed construction documents for the project manager to use in their day-to-day management of the project.
    • Signed selection sheets for the material finishes

    During this phase, the sales and design team introduce the project manager to you at your home and the project is officially turned over to the construction team. During this meeting weekly status meetings are set, all construction documentation and plans for dust protection are reviewed, a salvage list of items to save during demolition is created, and other logistics of the project are discussed. As construction begins, you have the option to log into the MCG online portal so you can monitor progress through daily logs, project photos, and all of the uploaded documents.

    The deliverables from the construction document phase are:

    • All documents listed above
    • Work schedules for all Mitchell Construction team members and subcontractors

    4. Construction (Duration: Project dependent)

    During the construction phase, the client and the project team meet weekly to review the work that was completed and upcoming tasks for the coming weeks. This helps keep you up to date with the project.

    The project manager is overseeing the daily schedule to ensure the project is on track and all of the many products, materials, subcontractors, and other resources are lined up to complete the work as outlined in the plan.

    In the early stages of construction, the project manager makes sure your house is safe and protected. During plumbing and electrical rough-in the design team and project manager are involved on-site to ensure everything is done properly and meets design specifications and all applicable regulatory codes.

    Throughout the project, the design team continually visits the job site to check on progress, inspect the quality of the work, and ensure it all conforms to plan. Construction tasks that require you and your family not be present for health or safety reasons are coordinated with you to minimize disruption to your schedule and daily life.

    Near the end of the project, a punch list inspection is performed with you to make sure any issues are addressed to achieve the goal of 100% satisfaction before the project is deemed complete.

    The deliverables from the construction phase are:

    • a renovated home that exceeds your expectations
    • Your complete satisfaction (and ours as well) for a job well done

    5. Post construction follow-up

    One year following completion of your project, Mitchell Construction Group schedules a meeting with you to walk through with a keen eye for detail to make sure the project is the same quality standard as the day it was completed. Anything that needs to be addressed is taken care of as part of our one-year warranty that’s standard with all of our renovation projects.

    If during the year issues do arise, you can call and get any concerns addressed, guaranteed.

    Our company mission is to ensure that all clients are completely satisfied and become enthusiastic promoters of Mitchell Construction Group to their friends and families.

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