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    My home is old… is there a Doctor in the house?

    Home sweet home! Our homes are one of our biggest monetary investments, but how much do we really know about them? How to properly care for them as they age? How much attention do we really give to our homes? I know I live in it, but I don’t really think of it…I guess I take it for granted. When our homes become “ill” how do we care for them?  We cannot send it to an “old age home”, but we can give it some TLC and a “face lift”. We may age gracefully, but sometimes our homes do not.

    What do I know about my house and what is the right and wrong way to care for it? That is why I call experts; home “Doctors”. Plumbers, electricians, contractors. Of course there are those who think they know their homes so well that they can “take care of it themselves”.  That usually doesn’t work out so well, just like self diagnosing an illness online. I am not a Doctor, nor should I pretend to be one. That is why we are here; Mitchell Construction Group to the rescue!!!

    My home is old…is there a Doctor in the house?
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    Mitchell Construction Group offers complimentary quarterly seminars on renovating your home and what you should know to choose the right contractor. We want to equip you with the knowledge you need to choose the right people to care for your biggest investment. We want to share with you our knowledge from over 30 years in the design-build business, and what you should expect from anyone who works on or in your home. We have been in business so long, accumulated many awards and have many happy clients. In fact our clients are our biggest supporters, referring us to family and friends. What that comes down to is trust, quality work and a true relationship. We love our clients and they love us back!

    Our next Design & Remodel Workshop will be in early Fall (September/October). Keep an eye out for a postcard in your mailbox or connect with us on our website mitchcogroup.com or Facebook.

    So have no fear, Mitchell Construction is near. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas for your next project!

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